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Bangladesh is one of the agro-based countries in Asia. We export various fruits and vegetable from Bangladesh to most of the Europe and Asian countries. S. Rahman International has got the processing plant of agro fruits and vegetable . Apart from that we have few suppliers those who produce organic agro product and bring it to us for process. With that amount of production we are exporting the fruits and vegetable different countries as per demand of our customers. We have own firm with having land area of 300 Acers, from there we produce organic and quality fruits and vegetable to meet the requirement of our class customers.   

We export Different types of fruits and vegetable are as follows:


♦ Teasel Gourd (Kakrol) 

♦ Bitter Gourd (Korola) 

♦ Parval (Potol) 

♦ Bottle Gourd (Laow) 

♦ Staring Bean (Borboti) 

♦ Sword Bean (Shim) 

♦ Ladies Finger (Dherosh) 

♦ Sponge Gourd (Parul) 

♦ Ribbed Gourd (Zhinga) 

♦ Sweet Gourd (Misti Komra) 

♦ Eddo Root (Kachur Chora) 

♦ Potato (Aalo) 

♦ Green Papaya 

♦ Carrot (Gajor) 

♦ Tomato 

♦ Cabbage 

♦ Cauliflower 

♦ Green Chilli 

♦ Fresh Coriander leaf