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Bangladesh is one of the best producer countries of Potato in the world. We have many varieties potato and the most common varieties are Diamond Long, Granola, Vanilla and Cardinal. The production capacity is quite satisfactory in the country and most of the percentages are consumed locally and still have opportunity to export other countries. Our government strongly encouraged to export agro-based product to the overseas countries to earn export proceeds. 

Season of potato:

Potato is the number one agricultural product in Bangladesh and best demandable vegetable in the world. Potatoes produce different times in different places and also starts crop season in different times in Bangladesh. Every year harvesting time starts from November to December and ends February to March. Bangladesh produces potato once in a year. 

Types of potato

Potato Sizes

50g, 80g, 100g, 150g, 200g, 200g up


Grade-A:  8-10 pcs per kgs or 80-100 pcs per 10 kgs bag. 

Grade- B:  10-16 pcs per kgs or 100-160 pcs per 10 kgs bag.

Grade- C: 16-20 pcs per kgs or 160-200 pcs per 10 kgs bag. 


Generally, we are doing the following export standard packing. Still we can pack as per our buyers’ requirements. 

Mesh Bag: 10.00 Kgs net weight and Gross weight 10.10 Kgs

Mesh Bag: 20.00 Kgs net weight and Gross weight 20.50 Kgs

Mesh Bag: 40.00 Kgs net weight and Gross weight 41.00 Kgs

Quality Control:

We are very conscious about maintaining our standard quality as per our buyers’ requirements in grading, weight and packing. We have experienced people to maintain the standard quality. We have some permanent staff and quality controllers are well trend by foreign expert of agricultural department of Bangladesh Government. 

Facility and manpower:

We are working in northern area in Bangladesh. Our grading and packing center are also northern area in Bangladesh. Our corporate office is in Dhaka. We have also more packing centers in Rongpur, Rajshahi, Jaipurhat and Bogra. There are about fifty-hundred workers of each center. 


We use one door open container and preferable 20 feet. The container is nice decorated by bamboo structure and bottom in wooden plate so easily can pass air and humidity. Generally, we have been loaded 14 MTs in 20 feet one door open container and this is our normal practice. We also prefer 40 HQ frozen containers.

Shipping and transports

For the local transportation we use truck loading per container bases from our packing center to Chittagong. Per truck carries maximum 14 MTs. Everyday truck are loaded at afternoon and arrived in Chittagong port in the next morning and the same time goods reload to containers from the truck and the same day afternoon or next day morning vessel depart from Chittagong to destination. For the overseas transportation, we use different vessels for different destinations. 

Supply ability

Our Supply ability is 500-800 MTs per month. (During February – May)